Friday, January 29, 2010

Cupcakes for Adi's Mum : )

We are so touched the time we received a message from Adi to order the cupcakes for his Mum's birthday last week. This is because this year would be the 2nd year we bake the cupcakes for her birthday. Last year at around this same time, we did the same too.. We feel so happy that the family like to have MYA's cupcake for this special event. So awesome!! ; )

To Adi and Family: Thank you and hope you guys have a great day!

To share some picture of this year Adi's Mom Birthday Cupcakes . Enjoy!!

~CikMYA love the idea of spiral design with cherry on top plus the sprinkle of choc rice~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ehem..Ehem...; ) I loike it!!

Still remember the Julie and Julia story I was telling about in last few MYA entries?
Yes, I've got it..that cook book..that little cute French cooking book!
Thanks to Mr Reza who eventually found and bought this book for me( mya's blog editor) ...hehehehe.

Different from my other cookbook collection where i always/only choose if the picture is pretty and the recipe is simple, this cook book have only the writing and some drawing illustration.

Nevertheless, this cook book becomes one of my favorite considering it's a gift from someone special(who else my hubby lerr) and it's been in a film( glamor you..heheh..typical me) ..

About the content ..err... it take years for me to able make the comment.
As of now..take it as I loike it !! ; )

~MYA love cookbooks!~

Friday, January 15, 2010

SK Lunas Jaya, Kulim ada blog !

Inilah entry pertama untuk tahun 2010 nie.. rasa malas pun ada, tak bersemangat saja nak update blog nie.. sehinggalah.. jeng jeng jeng.. CikMya jumpa satu blog ini.. terus rasa kagum dan kembali bersemangat nak update Myascrapbook nie..

Macam mana CikMya dapat blog nie + apa kaitan CikMya dengan sekolah ni?

Haa.. Last week CikMya terima order 130 bijik cream puff dari cikgu Azilawati salah seorang tenaga pengajar SKLunas Jaya ni untuk salah satu aktiviti sekolah..
Di sebabkan CikMya tak dak gambar untuk entry ni, so cikMya google laa.. then terjumpa laa blog ini.. itu laa kisah nya..

CikMya kagum laa dengan semangat cikgu2 Sekolah Kebangsaan Lunas Jaya siap ada blog lagi khas untuk activity sekolah ini.

Logo Sekolah SK Lunas Jaya

Mari Belajar Bahasa Utara pun ada...hehehe

Tak lupa , CikMya nak ucapkan terima kasih pada cikgu Azilawati kerana sudi order dari CikMYA. Harap semuanya okay ; )

~CikMYA added SKLJ blog to MYA's fav link ; ) ~

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