Sunday, April 24, 2011

MYA Red Velvet Cupcakes

Introducing MYA Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for limited time only.

Let the picture speaks a thousands.

For more info please contact MYA . We provide free quotations. ;)

@Nice Photo taken by Photographer Redza. Thank you.

~MYA loves Red and Gold color~

Friday, April 22, 2011

Power Puff menyerang Ratu2 Shopaholic

MYA suka sangat sebut power puff instead of cream puff..nampak ganas sket kut..hehehe..

So why Power Puff menyerang Ratu2 Shopaholic?

Reason is MYA just made cream puffs order for these 3 shopaholic ladies- Rafidah, Sarimah and CtZ . Diorang nielah juara shopping segala shopping. Tak dapat disangkalkan lagi fakta nie sebab diorang nie laa juara Infineon Shopping Till You Drop contest baru2 nie. Bukan senang nak menang contest nie. Kena cekap dalam membeli belah, tahu selok belok barang2 and of cause bijak kira duit Bukan itu saja diorang nie laa sumber rujukan ramai officemate bila nak beli barang dari pampers sampai laa ke beg Coach. Tanya saja diorang nie.

In other word MYA proud to be listed in their shopping cart . :) Hope you guys enjoy the cream puff.

~MYA pun suka Shopping~

Sunday, April 17, 2011

CreamPuff for Irdina and Frenz Birthday Bash!

It was an awesome party arranged by Nuli and Jeri for their lovely daughter who just turn 3 yesterday. The party was held in Kulim HiTech park playground yesterday Saturday morning and what interesting is everyone who turn out was so freshly and lively (in case you have imagine everyone turn with their sleepy eyes in pajama) .

Picture taken from Nuli's facebook album ;).TQ.

The party start at 9 and end by 12.30pm .Everyone looks so happy especially the kids. And Irdina has been a good host inviting everyone that day other then that she is a cute birthday girl.

Mya wish Irdina and frenz Hakim and Elysa who also celebrate their birthday yesterday a happy birthday to you! May you guys grow well and clever!

@ Special Thanks to Jeri for your cream puff order. This time we make it the size much smaller so that you got 45pcs instead of 30pcs(we considering the kids might not able to finish big portion). ;)

~MYA Love Party~

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bungkus jangan x bungkus!

This is the hardest part when completing the muffins orders, that's what Mya think.
No problem with weighing kilos of flour or sugar , no problem of brushing and cleaning hundreds of eggs and no problem of mixing or scooping the messy batter.But when comes to packing times, it feels like never ending story. ;)
How hard it is, we have to do it . It's our commitment to our grateful customer for the past few years back and gladly we think this is the only way we could convey our appreciation to our customer for trusting on us. Until today, this is a free service we provide to our customer. No hassle when those muffins reach to our dearest customer . : )

Other then that, Thank you.

PS : Thanks to Yanti from Gelugor for the muffin order this week and to Niza Hatta for the creampuff order last week.

~CikMya , boleh gaduh sebab packing~

Purple Cupcakes for Engagement ;)

Thanks to Niza for the order. ;) This time the order includes the deco for the hantaran with the purple theme.

~CikMya Love doing hantaran deco~

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