Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Adorable Nadja from Mummy

At last , we have got the finalized date and item from Siti to complete her cupcakes order . It is today! Finally another cupcakes project completed. This time the cupcakes is for Siti's young girl, Nadja for her 6th birthday celebration at her kindergarten, Taman Selasih Smart Reader .

Even thought the delivery by MYA straight to kindergarten was a last minute plan, turn out everything happened smoothly.Phew...

The 1st time we arrived, we met the principle Ms Toh (who had enough with cakes, sweet cakes..heheh,that what she said). We asked for permission to see Nadja and surprised her with cupcakes. 1st time seeing Nadja, she is an adorable kid with her soft voice greeting us and she herself knew that she need to "salam" us as older person. Awesome.

CikMin almost crying when we listen to her talking to her mom over the phone about her surprise cupcakes. It was a touching moment at least for us..really..especially when she said she likes our cupcakes..huwaaa..cry cry cry..heheh

Here is the picture of Nadja and her cupcakes ;p.

~CikMYA love Kids!!!~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aimie's Petting Zoo

At 1st we don't have idea for kid's cupcakes especially when this little girl just turn 3 this year. If too simple, she might be bored. If too specific on the character like Ben10,Transformer,Dora etc it might not be her favorite. Later we knew from her mom that she just learn about butterfly and she pronounced it as "buffly"..hmm..should we have the butterfly cupcakes? hmm.. only butterfly? Let's suprise her!

Tadaa..We presented Aimie ,Suzita's little girl with Petting Zoo Cupcake for her birthday!!

CikMYA enjoy so much making this theme !

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Muffin for Lydia and Ayie

Yes...Finally cikMYA's busy week ended with long relive(..ehhe..shows why late update in this blog) after struggling with this order. It was'nt something new for cikMYA to bake 500pcs of muffins, but this time we wanted to introduce something different and new to our customer.

With exclusive packaging plus the thankyou lable with bride and grooms name hopefully satisfy all ,at least cikMYA was very happy with the outcome...hehe..

Thank you to Lydia and Ayie for the trust and freedom given to us to come out with this custom muffin as your wedding sourviner. Purposely we choose the turquoise color for the lable to suite your wedding theme. Hope you and family like it . :)

To all ,since no muffin for sample, perhaps picture will do! Enjoy!

"Presentable and delicious souvenir..who want to missed it! "

"Thank You - Lydia & Ayie"

"Nicely packed by us, no hassle during the wedding day"

"Don't try this at home, only Kembara can do this..ehhe"

"Delivery on time! No worry!"

~CikMYA love the lable idea~

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