Sunday, April 26, 2009

MYA's Pricing Catalogue

At last , MYA has come out with our 1st pricing catalogue a.k.a flyer. Take a look and don't miss to order from us now: ) . Don't hesitate to call us for more info. ; )


Courtesy to Mr Aluxia for the lovely flyer. : )

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Irdina is 1 year old now ; )

Date : 18April2009
Venue : Irdina's Sweet Palace, Kulim Hi-Tech

Happy birthday to cute little Irdina and thank you to her parent Nuli and Jerry for inviting us to Irdina 1st Birthday Bash party. It was happening and everyone enjoy it especially Irdina and frens. ; ) . Not to forget thanks for the puff order.

Irdina & Indah

Puff MYA

Macam Birthday Artis lerr..

"Saya dah satu tahun tau!!"

"Nanti lerr bila bleh makan kek.. habis lerr"

Indah pun nak pose!

Ada jugak..ish2.. ; )

"Jangan kacau Minnie saya tau!"

MYA Collection