Thursday, February 26, 2009

Muffin For Sale 25-26Feb09

Open for order. Please pick your favorite muffin, order now and get them on Friday. ..Opppss.. Kulim area only.
Contact us to order, check availability and pickup place/time. : )

Monday, February 23, 2009

MYA in Chef Alex Goh Demo Class 22Feb09

This would be the 5th time MYA attended baking class since 2008 . Twice with Chef Alan Ooi , one with Pn Wawa Nasir and last month was with Pn Yasmin the Baking Project lady. This time we had chance to learn from Chef Alex Goh . He has demonstrated how to make Glaze Icing, Sugar Paste, Aising Color flow( we love this so much) , butter cream and simple butter cupcake. Great one ! Had chance to grab few tips and for sure we gonna use it to improve MYA recipe. ; )

"Lepas nie MYA pun bleh buat macam nie..order jangan tak order"

Happy Birthday to MYA YASMIN

MYA would like to take this opportunity to our member CIK MIN a very Happy Birthday on 15 Feb 09. Wish this year bring all the happiness and enjoyable moment to you and your family Mr Zam and cute baby boy Mat Pahim@Fahim.

Picture are courtesy from IMHO photographer Mr Nuruli @ Nice pict dude!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to Ilah and Firdaus

Wish the lovely couple many more years of togetherness- MYA.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Adneen

IYYAaahh!!!Look at the sky!!!!....It's Power Puff Girls!! Happy Birthday Adneen from your auntie As ; ) . She love you so much!!!

BEN10 for Irfan and Imran

It's hero time!!! Ben10 come to rescue Irfan and Imran. Thanks Ella for the order. Hope the boys enjoy as much as we, MYA enjoy making it!

Engagement Cupcakes ordered by Surie (Gurney)

Kali nie MYA buat special packaging sket upon order by cik Surie dari Gurney khas untuk hari pertunangan sepupu suami dier. Semua dipack 4 dlm satu untuk hadiah para tetamu.

@ Surie : Thanks for the order...Lepas nie order lagi tau!! ; )

Aqiqah buat 'Aisyah dan Azzahra'

Congrats to Imin + hubby and thanks for the order. Wish all the best for cute 'Aisyah and Azzahra'.

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