Thursday, December 19, 2013

Little Mermaid for Little Afrina

It's Little Mermaid time to celebrate Afrina birthday. I wish I could see her own expression when seeing this cake, but the time we delivered at her nursery she was in nap time. Good thing that we got the feedback from her dad that Afrina and friends is so excited with the cake. Alhamdullillah.. that what's really matter..a pure happiness ;). Thanks to Fazry and Zurina for the trust to MYA to present this cake. Hope you guys like it too ..;)

CikMYA : Pun excited buat kek nie...heheh ;)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

KTM boy!

CikMYA have been given the trust from our dearest friend Ms Shazmeen to present a birthday cake for her boy Iman Danish with  KTM theme cake. With her creativity, she manage to find a very good design from the google as reference to CikMYA. As her request , the cake is a chocolate cake but covered and layer with cream cheese... turn out delicious!! Thank you for your support!
PS - The KTM bike figure are bought by Iman's daddy . A very nice figurine from KTM.

So for the rest enjoy the picture!

PS : CikMYA.. Ready to Race.. in cake bussiness.. :)

Red Velvet in Ombre tone..Simply Stunning!

It's been a while we have been dreaming to do this design, at last we did it. MYA's RV in Ombre tone...taraaa...Simply stunning! Simply Delicious... What you can say more with this lovely cake..Our RV is nicely moist  cake with red red color layered and covered with cream cheese yummy..all that you want from a RV this!!.

Cake : RV@Redvelvet Cake
Photoshoot by : Fazredza Amran
Location : CikMYA's Kitchen

CikMYA : Can't resist RV cake!'s so us!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Proudly present >> Our Rainbow cake!!

Gosh! We love this rainbow cake so much! The feedback we got from our customer is, the cake taste like an icecream! I hope it will continue being one of favourite cakes on earth! Heheh..Our rainbow cakes have 6 layers of colourful cakes with different flavours of each layer..not only that, the coated and layer are made with cream cheese frosting!..oh so Yummy !!

Cake : Rainbow Cake
Photoshoot by : Fazredza Amran
Location : CikMYA's Kitchen

PS : CikMYA love colorful things!

Does the Devils need Prada?

I guess not...This time Devils doesn't wear Prada....LOL...coz we have this deliciously sinful Devil's Food Cake!! As what people always talks about this cake, our cakes is a moist, airy and rich chocolate layer cake. The cream is made from dark chocolate and milk chocolate ganache buttercream! No one can resist!.So Yummy!

Photoshoot by : Fazredza Amran
Location : CikMYA's Dining room

PS : CikMYA can't say a's mouth watering!

Rainbow Cakes Week..phew.;)

Last week was our rainbow cakes week...phew..almost everyday we have been busy making and deliver our rainbow cakes.. I think for other bakers this is normal laa..heheh... but for MYA Alhamdullillah.. :) Here are some of the pictures with different pattern of our rainbow cake we did last the difference.. enjoy!!!

PS : Shh!!!...our secret..each layer of our rainbow cakes have it's own flavour... jeng jeng...;) 

RV untuk Azlina Balik Pulau

Special Thanks untuk Kak Azlina yg support MYA dari nun jauh di Balik Pulau.. disebabkan dah merasa birthday cake mama cikMYA, terus tergoda terus order.. suka sangat dia.. Alhamdullillah... ;) Deco wajib nak strawberry... memang kena lah! Yummy... so pada yang berminat nak order RV with strawberry boleh laa request.. tapi ada additional RM sket laa(sket jerr)..ehehe... tapi memang  berbaloi dan sedap bila letak strawberry nie..:)

PS : One day cik MYA nak buat RV letak strawberry penuh atas kek..sebijik2.. heheh...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our sifu : Masterchef Shokri.. ko ade?

Hehehe... agak lama dah cerita entry nie baru teringat nak update tapi tak kira, nak update gak...Dalam kesibukan CikMya sempat jugak join kelas memasak ..kali nie belajar benda2 western buat lasagne , conoli, dan pretzel..dan sifu kami plak bukan calang2 you.. import mari dari dapur masterchef.. ;) tak caye tengok lerr gambo.. heheh... tah bila laa nak practice buat conoli nie... hmmm...

Cik Mya -Suka jaa benda2 bercheese nie..hehehe

Psst...Chef Shokri in action ;)

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